Abdera, City
AR Obol
OBV: Griffin seated left, curved wing
REV: Rough incuse quadripartite square
480 B.C. - 465 B.C.

Pantikapaion, City
AE 12
OBV: Laureate head of Apollo right
REV: Bow in bow case

Thasos, City
AR Obol
OBV: Dolphin leaping left over another leaping right; pellet above and below
REV: Quadripartite incuse square
Ca. 463 – 411 BC

Rhoemetalkes I, King (11 B.C. - 12 A.D.)
AE 24
OBV: Bare head of Augustus right
REV: Conjoined heads of Rhoemetalkes I and his queen Pythodoris right.